A Warrior fights tirelessly, never backing down in the face of adversity, for they understand that every life rescued, every survivor empowered, and every trafficker brought to justice brings us closer to a world free from the chains of exploitation.

To be a Warrior within Freedom Warriors is to embody unwavering strength, unwavering courage, and unwavering compassion. It means standing on the front lines, facing the darkest corners of humanity with an unyielding determination to bring light.

It means being a beacon of hope for the oppressed, a fierce advocate for justice, and a relentless force against the pervasive crime of human trafficking.

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During a visit to Cincinnati, Ohio, in 2020, the co-founders embarked on a transformative journey at the Underground Railroad Museum. With no prior expectations, they were profoundly moved by the powerful exhibits, especially one dedicated to human trafficking and modern-day slavery. Overwhelmed by the emotional weight of the atrocities depicted and the magnitude of these crimes, they were unable to complete this exhibit. However, the experience became a pivotal moment, igniting a deep sense of purpose within the co-founders. They realized that their life’s calling was to establish an advocacy group dedicated to combating human trafficking. Thus, Freedom Warriors was born—a testament to the unwavering determination to fight against the injustice of human trafficking and restore freedom to all those affected.


Freedom Warriors partners with many organizations on the prevention, rescue, and healing of trafficking victims.


Freedom Warriors acts as a stalwart ally to organizations like Power Over Predators, providing unwavering support in their crucial efforts to prevent human trafficking and educate communities. Together, we strive to raise public consciousness, foster dialogue, and promote proactive measures to thwart human trafficking at its roots. Freedom Warriors believes that through prevention and education, we can create a world where human trafficking becomes an inconceivable crime of the past.


Freedom Warriors stands in steadfast solidarity with organizations like Veterans for Child Rescue, supporting their courageous mission to locate, extract, and liberate victims of human trafficking. Through our partnership, we amplify the reach and impact of these important organizations, enabling them to implement comprehensive educational initiatives that provide the information needed to detect, prevent, and intervene in human trafficking situations for vulnerable populations, educators, and community leaders.


Freedom Warriors believes in the profound impact of equine therapy as a healing tool for survivors of human trafficking and we are dedicated to supporting equine therapy organizations that utilize this transformative power in the rehabilitation of survivors. Freedom Warriors partners with these organizations, covering the annual cost of the horses to help provide survivors with a safe and nurturing environment where they can form connections with horses to foster emotional healing, build trust, and develop essential life skills. Together, we strive to create a brighter future, one where survivors of human trafficking can reclaim their lives and thrive with the unwavering support of the equine therapy community.


is a sanctuary dedicated to equine-assisted therapy and healing, especially to victims of sexual abuse and trafficking.

The ranch provides a safe and nurturing environment where individuals of all ages can find solace, connection, and personal growth through the transformative power of horses. With a team of experienced professionals, Rancho Milagro offers a range of therapeutic programs that combine the wisdom of these majestic animals with evidence-based practices, promoting physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

Power Over

is a dedicated organization committed to preventing human trafficking and protecting vulnerable populations.

With a mission rooted in education and awareness, Power Over Predators equips individuals with the knowledge and tools to recognize, resist, and report potential threats. Through engaging programs, informative resources, and strategic collaborations, they empower communities to become proactive defenders against human trafficking. By raising awareness and fostering a network of vigilant advocates, Power Over Predators works tirelessly to dismantle the power dynamics that allow trafficking to thrive, paving the way for a future where individuals are equipped to protect themselves and others from exploitation.

for Child Rescue

is a remarkable organization comprising courageous veterans who have dedicated themselves to combating child exploitation and human trafficking.

Drawing upon their unique skills and experiences, these dedicated heroes work tirelessly to rescue and protect vulnerable children from the clutches of traffickers. With unwavering determination, Veterans for Child Rescue conducts investigations, collaborates with law enforcement agencies, and provides crucial resources to aid in the rescue and recovery of victims. Their selfless efforts and expertise make a profound difference in the lives of those affected by this heinous crime, ensuring that survivors receive the support and care they desperately need. Through their unwavering commitment, Veterans for Child Rescue shines a light of hope and healing, exemplifying the power of compassion and service in the fight against child exploitation.

from Ashes

is an inspiring organization dedicated to empowering survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

With a mission centered on restoration and healing, Beauty from Ashes provides comprehensive support services to survivors, including counseling, vocational training, and access to safe housing. Their compassionate and holistic approach recognizes the inherent worth and potential of each survivor, helping them reclaim their lives and discover a sense of purpose and empowerment. Through their tireless efforts, Beauty from Ashes brings hope to those who have endured unimaginable hardships, helping them rise from the ashes and transform their past pain into a future of resilience and possibility.


is deeply committed to supporting Freedom Warriors in their tireless fight against human trafficking.

As a company, with businesses in Arizona, New York and California, Awesomeness firmly believes in using our platform and resources to make a positive impact on the communities that we are a part of. That’s why we actively organize and participate in various fundraising events throughout the year and we have implemented a quarterly profit sharing program, where a percentage of our profits are donated directly to Freedom Warriors. This ensures a steady and ongoing contribution to their important work. Moreover, our dedicated team of employees goes above and beyond by volunteering their time and skills at Freedom Warriors events. Whether it’s organizing awareness campaigns, providing assistance at Freedom Warrior affiliates or supporting survivors, our team is committed to making a tangible difference in the lives of those affected by human trafficking.


If you are interested in hosting a fundraising event to support the mission of Freedom Warriors, or simply want to learn more about our organization, we welcome your initiative and commitment to making a difference. Connecting with us is easy and straightforward—use the contact form or email us at

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